We use machine learning to understand biology.
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Cancer genomics

We reconstruct the evolutionary history of tumors to understand how different populations of cells evolve over time.

Post-transcriptional regulation

We develop computational methods to understand the regulatory mechanisms of RNA-binding proteins, 3'-end mRNA processing, and alternative splicing.


We explore mutant phenotypes of single-deletion strains of S. cerevisiae by applying novel machine learning approaches.

Precision medicine

We use unsupervised learning to integrate biological and clinical data and find innovative predictors of disease trajectories.

Our Team

Quaid Morris

Principal investigator

Rozita Razavi

Research associate

Shankar Vembu

Research associate

Gurnit Atwal

Graduate student

Chris Cremer

Graduate student

Amit Deshwar

Graduate student

Simon Eng

Graduate student

Duncan Forster

Graduate student

Kevin Ha

Graduate student

Kaitlin Laverty

Graduate student

Kate Nie

Graduate student

Yulia Rubanova

Graduate student

Nil Sahin

Graduate student

Alexander Sasse

Graduate student

Jeff Wintersinger

Graduate student

Ryoga Li

Research trainee

Ian Shi

Undergraduate student

Adamo Young

Undergraduate student

Harold Rodriguez

System administrator


Tamara Kleiman

Undergraduate student

Jiayi Wang

Visiting student

Selected publications

PhyloWGS: Reconstructing subclonal composition and evolution from whole-genome sequencing of tumors

  • Amit G Deshwar
  • Shankar Vembu
  • Christina K Yung
  • Gun Ho Jang
  • Lincoln Stein
  • Quaid Morris

The human splicing code reveals new insights into the genetic determinants of disease

  • Hui Y. Xiong
  • Babak Alipanahi
  • Leo J. Lee
  • Hannes Bretschneider
  • Daniele Merico
  • Ryan K. C. Yuen
  • Yimin Hua
  • Serge Gueroussov
  • Hamed S. Najafabadi
  • Timothy R. Hughes
  • Quaid Morris
  • Yoseph Barash
  • Adrian R. Krainer
  • Nebojsa Jojic
  • Stephen W. Scherer
  • Benjamin J. Blencowe
  • Brendan J. Frey

The Biologic Basis of Clinical Heterogeneity in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

  • Simon W. M. Eng
  • Trang T. Duong
  • Alan M. Rosenberg
  • Quaid Morris
  • Rae S. M. Yeung
  • The REACCH OUT and BBOP Research Consortia

Inferring clonal evolution of tumors from single nucleotide somatic mutations

  • Wei Jiao
  • Shankar Vembu
  • Amit G Deshwar
  • Lincoln Stein
  • Quaid Morris

A compendium of RNA-binding motifs for decoding gene regulation

  • Debashish Ray
  • Hilal Kazan
  • Kate B. Cook
  • Matthew T. Weirauch
  • Hamed S. Najafabadi
  • Xiao Li
  • Serge Gueroussov
  • Mihai Albu
  • Hong Zheng
  • Ally Yang
  • Hong Na
  • Manuel Irimia
  • Leah H. Matzat
  • Ryan K. Dale
  • Sarah A. Smith
  • Christopher A. Yarosh
  • Seth M. Kelly
  • Behnam Nabet
  • Desirea Mecenas
  • Weimin Li
  • Rakesh S. Laishram
  • Mei Qiao
  • Howard D. Lipshitz
  • Fabio Piano
  • Anita H. Corbett
  • Russ P. Carstens
  • Brendan J. Frey
  • Richard A. Anderson
  • Kristen W. Lynch
  • Luiz O. F. Penalva
  • Elissa P. Lei
  • Andrew G. Fraser
  • Benjamin J. Blencowe
  • Quaid D. Morris
  • Timothy R. Hughes

GeneMANIA Prediction Server 2013 Update

  • Khalid Zuberi
  • Max Franz
  • Harold Rodriguez
  • Jason Montojo
  • Christian Tannus Lopes
  • Gary D. Bader
  • Quaid Morris

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