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Other TF DNA binding motif databases
FactorBook - Human Motifs derived from ENCODE ChIP-seq experiments
Fly Factor Survey - Fly TF motifs derived from Bacterial one-hybrid (B1H) experiments
hmCHIP - Human and Mouse motifs derived from ChIP-seq experiments
HOCOMOCO - Human motifs collected and curated from various sources
JASPAR - Motifs collected and curated from various sources
Transfac - Motifs collected and curated from various sources
UniProbe - PBM motifs and data

Publications from which data were taken (First author/Year/PMID/Description):
Badis et al., 2008 (PMID: 19111667): Yeast TFs (PBMs)
Badis et al., 2009 (PMID: 19443739): Mouse TFs (PBMs)
Barazandeh et al., 2018 (PMID: 29146583): Many human KRAB C2H2 zinc fingers (ChIP-seq/ChIP-exo + modeling)
Barrera et al., 2016 (PMID: 27013732): >100 human TFs with common genetic variants in their DBDs (PBMs)
Berger et al., 2006 (PMID: 16998473): Original universal PBM study (PBMs)
Berger et al., 2008 (PMID: 18585359): Mouse Homeodomains (PBMs)
Busser et al., 2012a (PMID: 22296846): Drosophila homeodomain TFs (PBMs)
Busser et al., 2012b (PMID: 23184988): Drosophila Lmd TF (PBMs)
Campbell et al., 2010 (PMID: 21060817): Plasmodium falciparum AP2 family TFs (PBMs)
Chang et al., 2013 (PMID: 23795294): Arabidopsis thaliana and Physcomitrella patens TFs (PBMs)
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DeBoer et al., 2011 (PMID: 22102575): S. cerevisiae TF database (various)
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Liu et al., 2018 (PMID: 29606353): BCL11A and B, with mutants (PBMs)
Mann et al., 2013 (PMID: 23590861): Mouse bZIP TFs (PBMs)
Mathelier et al., 2014 (PMID: 24194598): JASPAR database (various)
Matys et al., 2006 (PMID: 16381825): Transfac database (various)
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